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A model railroad can’t be just about track and locomotives. Rolling stock, vehicles and other models are needed to help bring things to life. I enjoy working on these models since often they can be completed in a shorter period of time and let me focus on something smaller. One of the aspects I’ve really started enjoying is weathering and creating custom graffiti for my rolling stock.

File this under “F for foobie”. I bought a couple of P2K drop end mill gondolas and painted them for the WC. Yes, they are completely wrong, but sometimes a good deal is a good deal.

The same gondola after weathering with oils and real rust. Unfortunately this model no longer exists- my attempts to straighten the sides ended up destroying it.

This Walthers bumper was painted with AIM’s Real Rust and set at the end of an industrial spur. The ballast is actually some sifted sand from my kids sandbox.

An open load of Roco M114’s on an Intermountain flat car. Again, not real prototypical, but I like it.

The M114 was a Viet Nam era armored personnel carrier that was apparently a poor performer on the battlefield.

These probably don’t make a lot of sense for my current layout, but I thought some open loads would look cool.

When I first got into the hobby, my rolling stock was all old Athearn, Blue-Box models. Over the years I’ve traded them for more detailed models. This is the last blue box I have and it has  been upgraded with wire grab irons, stirrups, etched end walkways and brake rigging.

This Atlas Evans double-door boxcar was weathered during a clinic at Engine House Services, one of my favorite train stores.

A  long time ago I found a great deal  on P2K PS-4277 hoppers. I bought a bunch, probably way too many than I needed.

This PS-4277 hopper was heavily weathered with oils and chalk.

I decided to try a couple of new weathering techniques on this model since it was free. The billboard logo was partially removed by sanding it with 2000 grit sandpaper.

The tail-end of my Kato Budd business car. A grandpa and his grandson are enjoying the view.

Passengers enjoy the ride on the “Ontonagon”.

A before and after photo of weathering with oils and chalks. A few years ago Wal-Mart was selling these Athearn models on a closeout for 99 cents each! Hard to pass up a deal like that.

A weathered Athearn tractor sitting on a freshly “planted” field of static grass. (Yes, it has been pointed out that I put the wheels on backwards.)

Two of my first attempts at using Oddball Decals were with BN hoppers. Maybe it was me or my prep work, but I had a really hard time getting these decals to work. This is the better of my two tries.

Another P2K PS04277 hopper, imagine that…

The vandals have been working on my layout. About 10% of my rolling stock will be “tagged” with graffiti. I know some guys hate it, but I think it adds to the realism.

I made these graffiti decals based on some images I downloaded from the internet. Color laser printers can do some great stuff as long as you don’t need to print white.

Walthers released and updated Russell snow plow in their Proto line. I wanted to model a well-worn WC version, so I picked up an undecorated model.

The snow plow with its faded paint is ready to face another Wisconsin winter.

When Atlas released these generic delivery vans, I knew was I was going to do. This is a recreation of the delivery van my school district uses. The decals are custom made using a color laser printer.

More to Come!

More to Come!