Old Muley’s Roundhouse 3.0

Life, photography and philosophy at 1:87 scale…

Life, photography and philosophy at 1:87 scale…

Life, photography and philosophy at 1:87 scale…

Old Muley’s Roundhouse 3.0

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Winter has arrived with its short, cold days and even longer, colder nights. It’s a perfect time of year to head down to the basement and work on trains. So what will you find here? Well obviously lots and lots of trains! I’ve got big trains, little trains and historical trains. The “how to” section has been expanded to include ideas, tips and tricks for my fellow modelers. The photography section will continue to expand as I have been scanning in a lot of my old photos from my college days as well as tons of old negative from my grandparents. Finally there’s the esoterica section for things that don’t fit anywhere else. Take look around and let me know what you think! 


The website is now on its third iteration. Originally it was designed using Apple’s iWeb software and hosted by their MobileMe service. Both were discontinued, so I needed new software and a new host. The second version of the site was designed using Freeway Express software. This web program was considerably more capable than iWeb, but came with a steep learning curve. I never really go comfortable with it, so I wasn’t too upset when Softpress, the parent company, closed their doors. The current website has been designed using Sparkle visual web design. Hosting is reliably provided by Machighway.com.

Site News

February 3, 2018
• Added new images under Locomotives
• Updated text

January 23, 2018
• Updated front page
• Various formatting fixes

July 31, 2017
• Added Content to Wisconsin Railfan section
• Corrected typos

June 15, 2017
• Updated home page
• Minor formatting updates

March 16, 2017
• Optimized image loading
• Resized home page

March 8, 2017
• Fixed links in menu bar
• Fixed header text

March 5, 2017
• Published new site!
• Links are now live
• Reworked menu bar
• Typo Corrections

January 2, 2017
• New site design goes live

November 25, 2016
• Redesigned the entire site using Sparkle visual web design

July 24, 2016
• Updated front page

December 22, 2015
• Added new photos to "Models" secton
• Repaired and resized photos in "Models" section
• Updated front page

May 29, 2015
• Added new photos to "Project SDL39" section
• Updated front page

December 8, 2014
• Repaired and resized photos in "Engines" and "Layout" sections

December 7, 2014
• Updated front page
• Added new photos to "Engines" section
• Added new photos to "Layout" section

July 6, 2014
• Updated and added photos to "Wisconsin Railfan" section
• Various typo corrections
• Updated front page text

March 30, 2014
• Updated and added photos to the "Project SDL39" section
• Updated, reformatted and added photos to the "engines" section
• Updated front page text

November 17, 2013
• Fixed typos...again...
• Updated setting with MacHighway host

November 16, 2013
• Added cover photo slide show
• Repaired "Old Muley" section

October 14, 2013
• More typos corrected…
• Fixed CSS menu on main page

October 6, 2013
• Updated "About Me" section
• Added comments section using Disqus
• Converted to Freeway Express 6.0

October 4, 2013
• New Photo on front page
• Fixes to "Legend of Old Muley"

October 3, 2013
• Updated Antike Fotografien section
• Various typos corrected

September 5, 2013
• We're back up an running! Corrected the messed up DNS settings that were causing server timeouts.
• Updated text on front page
• YouTube deleted my Old Muley video which completely messed up the "Legend of Old Muley" section- It needs repair!

July 13, 2013
• Updated Wisconsin Railfan images
• New text on front page

October 4, 2012
• Changed content on home page
• Modified color scheme for better readability on Windows machines

July 28, 2012:
• Added new photos to "Railfan Wisconsin"
• Added new section "Railfan Tennessee"
• Removed comments section until I can get it working.

July 26, 2012:
• Added new photos to "Railfan Illinois"
• Rebuilt "Railfan Illinois" Gallery

July 14, 2012:
• Fixed a few dead links
• More typos and content corrections

July 9, 2012:
• Added site map
• Added Youtube video to "Legend of Old Muley"

July 8, 2012:
• Added "What's New" to home page
• Rebuilt National Railroad Museum gallery
• Added content to Sedum Trees
• Various site-wide typo corrections

July 2, 2012:
• Complete redisign uploaded and live!

July 2, 2012:
• New hosting service!

June 30, 2012:
• MobleMe shutdown, the old site is offline...
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